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Check out Toma Hawk’s Channels

Check out Toma Hawk's Channel'sCheck out Toma Hawk's Social Media and Music Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify and Beatport!  You will be up to date with all the important informations about Toma Hawk and his way he go? For this you can check out his...

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Lakota Records & Lakota Asia

Lakota records & Lakota AsiaLakota records is specialized in different kinds of electronic music. Focused on Techno and all the different sub’s will be released every 2 weeks something new who is cooked in on of the producers kitchen. With Toma Hawk, Sam Junk & Marcel...

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Previews from Soundcloud – Gimme Calma Original and Ted & Jerry Mix

Release @ 05.11.18 on Energetica Records at Beatport and all other Channels!

Previews from Soundcloud – Orange Pearls Original Mix and Mon.ton

Release @ 05.18.18 on Lakota records at Beatport and all other Channels!

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Short Shoot about Toma Hawk

After 5 years Toma Hawk creeps out of his studio with a lot of new and powerful music in his luggage. 25 years ago Toma Hawk started to play as DJ and made his first little steps as producer. The rave culture is part of his life and the best what ever happen!

Now after a 5 years break he is back on stage. Fresh – Satisfied  – Powerful!

Of course, this also includes strong partners. At this point a big thank you to Sam Junk of Energetica, Marcel Warren of Dope on Plastic, the guys of Sultana Mastering, the distribution DigDis and Jungle Jerry & Ted from Modem Music in Asia.

„If i can make the people happy with my music, all goals are achieved. I look forward to the next 25 years with unforgettable experiences. The crowd is the key of happiness“

Music is the key


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